nigel farage locked in my garage

I wasn’t worried when the referendum was called. I mean, it wasn’t really going to go the way of Farage, was it?

I wasn’t worried when the Gove and Johnson joined the Leave campaign. Nobody likes them, right?

I wasn’t really worried when the polls dipped in Leave’s favour, and then back again. I really thought the undecideds would swing it for the status quo.

I wasn’t worried by Lexit. Because they were such a tiny group.

I wasn’t worried when there was a battle on the Thames. I thought it showed what a farce the campaigns really were.

I wasn’t worried when the newspapers put their cards on the table. Perhaps I should have been.

I wasn’t even worried when that graph showed the older population wanted Brexit when the younger did not.

I started to get worried when the Newcastle and Sunderland votes came through. But still, it couldn’t really happen.

But then. This morning. Farage’s maniacal grinning face.

Now I worry about my friends who live in the EU.

I worry about the economy.

I worry that now Cameron’s resigned we might get Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Look at me, I’m not even pleased he’s resigned!

I’m worried we have no plan now.

I’m worried that we aren’t big enough to actually go it alone.

I worry for the EU migrants living and working in this country. I worry about what would happen if they were repatriated. Who’s going to fill all those jobs?

I worry for everyone in receipt of EU grants. Much of Britain was built on them, much of the arts are funded by them. You can bet your last, lower valued pound that the money spent each week on the EU won’t be spent on these projects. I work in FE and we get those grants too.

I worry about Human Rights. I like having them. The Tories do not.

I worry about travel. About being able to live where I want. About house prices and rental prices.

I worry that my generation is going to be the tester for all this. We’re going to have to live with the effects the longest and so few of us voted for it.

I worry that we won’t have any control within the single market, even though we’re going to be trading in it.

Seriously though. Tell me what the good part of this is. On the world stage we just look like xenophobes with no common sense. I like being European, I’m fine with migration. And I’m worried.