I’ve been a bit quiet for the past few weeks, mainly because I’ve been trying to write 50,000 words before next Friday. I am currently on 37,372 and thus on the home strait, and no I probably won’t let you read my novel, sorry (not until it’s heavily, heavily edited anyway).

Hmm, other news. I’m about to lose my job, which is not fantastic. If anyone needs a data enterer, filer or general administrator (or, y’know, a geography graduate with a keen interest in water quality and environmental health) in the Cambridge area please send me their way.

Also, in other writing related news, I write for a music website called Louder Than War. I don’t have a lot of faith in my music journalism skills so feedback would be lovely. You can see the sort of thing I write here:

I think one of the most important discoveries of 2012 for me was the discovery that I am, believe it or not, a writer. See I’ve actually always known this, English having been my best subject for many years, but this year has just been the biggest confidence boost. People enjoying what I write on this blog has been probably the biggest contributor to this, and I’m so proud of myself for having kept this up for nearly a year, even though I haven’t managed hundreds of blog posts in that time. So I guess I just wanted to say Thank You, really.

I suppose I’d better get back to writing that last ~13k of my novel now.