Since I have exams and I did this for another site thought I may as well repost this here. Enjoy the self-indulgence…

1. I am named after a plateau on the Malawi/Zambian border. It is a national park and I would like to go there one day.

2. I go to Brighton Uni because I slacked off during my A levels, yet I am heading for a high 2:i.

3. I am having a year off uni before I go and do a masters in Environmental Health, probably at UWE.

4. This summer I am working with 16 year olds in Berkshire, it looks like a lot of fun.

5. Recently I’ve had a massive drop in self-esteem about my looks, my weight and my intelligence. My counsellor tells me this is because I’m going through a period of change.

6. Despite the counselling and the massive slew of family rubbish I’ve gone through, I’ve never actually suffered from depression. I know how lucky I am.

7. I self-defined as a hippy when I was 16. I am now trying to get away from that label as much as I possibly can, what the hell was I thinking?

8. My music taste is pretty variable, I usually like any band with a fiddle or “folk-” prefixed in front of it, alongside twee indie and punk

9. Recently my political views have taken a bit of a turn, I am no longer an anarcho-communist cos I just don’t believe in stifling free speech. I don’t even care if that makes me a liberal (it doesn’t cos I don’t like government).

10. I am out-going president and founding member of a feminist society, I am proud of that.

11. I always, always, always have a book on the go, usually fiction. I have to read before bed, I always have done.

12. I can’t stay in one place all the time, I have to explore the area around where I am. This is why I have a bit of a freakish knowledge about the places I’ve lived, and also why I’m a geography student.

13. I have only been abroad to 3 places: Berlin, Greece and Sicily. I wish to rectify this really soon.

14. I have no problem with doing things by myself, if that makes me a loner then fine. I’m just not dependent on others for company all the time, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy other’s company though.

15. I have only ever lost 2 pub quizzes

16. I love the sea and I love rubbish seaside towns. They just have a certain charm. My ancestors were mainly sailors so this is in my blood.

17. I don’t really have a best friend and I never really have, this is upsetting.

18. I have 453 followers on twitter, I have no idea how or why.

19. I would most liked to have been a teenager during the 90s, I love 90s culture and feel sad I was so young at that time.

20. I actually come from a very working class background, people sometimes don’t seem to take kindly to that fact.

21. I have waist length hair.

22. My current favourite books are The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffeneger and One Day by David Nicholls.

23. I’m about to move back to a small Essex village, can’t say the prospect is filling me with joy.

24. My favourite films are Little Miss Sunshine, Trainspotting, Human Traffic and Whip It!

25. I am still a terrible cliche.